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International exhibitors

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International exhibitors

Niels Schuurmans - Design (NL)



Debby Haepers/Wendy Saunders (C)



Dagmar Binder (D)


Susan Liebold (D)


Dorit Löffler - tekstil (DE)




We´ve been the first time in danmark for exhibiting our work and we would like to say: This was our most postive experience in case of design-fairs.


The most wondering thing for us was, that all the danish visitors seems to be well prepared in case of design and art work. All of them had a very good eye and feeling for the stuff that was presented at the DOK#.
We really had a lot of good talks and we can´t stop smiling. It seems to be that the all citizens of aalborg were at the exhibition.
And we made really good contacts to the other exhibitors. Kind of work, handmade or fabricated, age - nothing seems to be a problem.

When i am reading the text i wrote, it sound for me to be a bit disproportionate, but it isn´t. It was like that!


cooperation//STANDARD ( Last years DesignSpot)



















 Susanna Hertrich (D)






Ingrid Römmich (D)